There my life was, sprawling out on the floor. It was a Twister mat. Colors basically. And it was my task to map the kabbalah to my own life. It made sense at first.

Wood containers for the corporeal and transient present; important things that needed to be contained in an earthly fashion, clay also would’ve worked

Metal containers for things that were potentially powerful and related to electronics, data, basically anything space aged oriented that wasnt for the future or of extraterrestrial nature.

Plastic… makes it possible. Plastics have changed everything in the human aesthetic in very short time. They are for containing the things to be used or revealed in the future for sure. Limited use for liquid consumables, particularly polystyrene which will likely melt when in contact with even mild concoctions. Not. Good.
L/HDPE PP much more appropriate.

Glass and metal are the best for the transport of mixed liquids.

I am what i am. most motherfuckers don’t give a damn.