Did i forget my name? Phil. Phi. Psi. Pi. Pi. Theta. Iota. Just remember… Pi never dies. Psi? phi(x) though… 7.

Just keep folding. Just keep spiraling out.

Folding in… Unfolding, refolding. Along different axes.

It was getting pretty bad… Trying to remember who I am supposed to be this spawn in. Turns out it was right there in front of me. My birthname was valid despite it not feeling as such.

Maybe I really did absorb some… Quantum level shit. You know, kind of like Scott Bakula IRL. Probably not though.

I’m acting like I’m on acid they tell me. Maybe. I was bleeding Mandelbrot fractals. Blip. Blip. After my hand smashed my face a few times. No Z Rx that time either.

The psychosis was… Acute. Often even cute, but for the loved one(s) around me, it was anything but.