At what point will COPYRIGHT fail to produce a meaningful effect? If every artist is to hire a lawyer to see if they are, if even by accident, using someone’s same music, same lyrics, same anything in any capacity, it would take forever. There will need to be a way to not only identify music using our SECRET SAUCE (conspiracy theorist for FFT blackmagic export ban on advanced technologies)…

How does Google or YouTube know? Well it must use some pretty advanced technology to match sounds… to… well… “protected material”

But false positives? What if…. 10000 years from now we are still worried about copyright law?

I would argue that the time of Napster is about the time when Copyright began to be useless.
If you were coca-cola… and some independent (or vast large commercial, does it matter>) interest creates media using the coca-cola brand materials… (ANDY WARHOL OMG, did you back down from COKE?)



Great any creature emerging from it with a smile and quick exit
i was late to feed the muffins this morning, i moved there dinner later accordingly to help offset overfilling of cat tummies. not sure if legit move or not, felt right tho
So today I think I’m starting to figure it out.
The code, that is. Right now, it’s “satanic” music. I contacted an “alien” today. It might’ve just been a subconscious voice or psycho manifestation
but anyway, here’s what I heard
do you want to hear?
in my notebooks, I keep a… journal of sorts, it is important that in the event that anything were to ever happen
they must be kept safe for future reference
someone will come looking for it, i know it.
it’s… imbued.
even if it’s not. even it’s a completely boring non-magical, typical notebook looking thing
it just might be the most important… “possession” at this, and possibly all, future junctions in my life.
anyway, keep this in mind
so… It’s been instilled upon me that I am not taking care so much of my body lately
glucose. sleep. exercise.
all that stuff
I need to create a stricter routine or regiment… one that has plasticity or allowances, but practical and scaling
it’s been revealed to me that… there is a time and a place for sugary soda… its for use in magic
the problem is
our kids are muggles, no fault of their own
their parents didn’t send them to wizard school
7:49 PM
think of it like… mindhacking
It’s mainlining subconsciousness.
it’s “letting go”
a vacation from reality
which allows the creativity to be revealed
I think I can read the code… or at least… something is being connected in my subconscious.
there are several physiological changes that take place within the body when exposed to extreme variables
heat… sweat lodges… shamans…
monist… one reality
dualist… two realities
trialist… three realities?
anyway… I think it will ultimately be revealed that the human will eventually be capable of…
here’s what is happening in my brain
when I consume sugar, caffeine, THC, etc
my brain does stuff… that tells my body to do stuff… and when that stuff is… unexpected…an effect that is observable is created? no.
pharmacology is just a corporatist approach to alchemy
there is a cure to greed… it’s in the right kind of seed…
the inventor creates the end of his job
damocles sword is nothing
56 mins
gosh I digress
so anyway… $urfing
there is definitely a way to turn my grudges into gold.
I just haven’t quite found it yet
it seems structuralist…
51 mins
i must give up something to gain something… you know… people confuse structuralism with dualism. a shame really. that’s what my conscious has done often… to create much damage in my life actually
again… another digression
50 mins
cave paintings
how many of them…. have pictures…. that are…. unicursal
the thing about script writing
is that it’s cursive
48 mins
each word is penned with one continuous line… save for i’s T’s… and… some capitals
have held onto script writing for the wrong reasons
it’s because we’re going to need it in the future.
maybe it will be part of the uniglotist magic
in that everyone
gets to keep their mothertongue
well before I started to read Snow Crash
I had done a fair amount of research into things like…
the tower of babel. babelfish… for one… from HHGTG
these…. memes. archetypes…. there’s something about them embedded… within the human subconscious… fractal “realizations”
44 mins
again trapped by my language
but by conjecture… I believe there is more than 1 reality
there is more than 2 realities
in fact… the number of realities may be irrelevant at this time
but in one of these realities… exists… qualia.
the shared (or unshared) conscious experience.
individual instances
but existing on a lattice of sorts.
coordinated… but not implicitly correlated
do you follow
it has to do with coincidence
CO-IN-CIDENCE. Things that… collide even
experiences that
today I bought a sandwich from some kid
at subway
To protect the innocent, his name is JImmy
Jimmy was happy, he had to be like, a teenager… but he liked making sandwiches
he embraced the artist
not the sandwich artist though
41 mins
the linguistic great your customer and have a conversation like a genuine person artist.
his aptitudes, his skill set is obviously not limited to making my sandwich
or anyone’s sandwich
Jimmy is at a point in hislife where ALL he ca afford to do is work at? SUBWAY
what does SUBWAY DO?
well it doesn’t just sell sandwiches. it actually sells death for some… animals
really subway is a socially acceptable vector of animal murder
39 mins
Jimmy gives no FUCKS
he shouldn’t
I ate half my sandwich. and I couldn’t eat the rest
because the meat was… probably murder
probably the cow had a bad time
I can’t say for certain because I just don’t know
neither can Jimmy
anyway a structural argument is that 1) murder is necessary
to feed other’s
to sustain one life, another must yield
and that the animal has no ethical consideration, it is by no right a sentient or cognizant agent of existence… it does not have qualia.
kurt argues its okay to eat fish because they don’t have any feelings.
pain is qualia
one’s pain is another’s pleasure in context
one’s pain may not be your gain
your pain may not be your gain
gains may come without pain
36 mins
but I digress, deconstructing maxims and tired “tired adage” itself is tired ad naseum
so where was I ?
ah yes…. SURFING the subconscios
Unguided metaphysical exploration is often unfruitful
for many